Our software provides your company with useful features to help manage and grow your business.

Solutions You Can Count On

Promotions Engine

Increase product awareness and incentivize immediate purchases. Tiered promotions for Consultants, Hostesses and Customers.    Easily configure and manage your promotions and loyalty rewards programs without the need of custom programming.

Commission Engine

Your commission engine is vital to your company’s health and long-term success. Your company’s reputation and momentum depend on your accurate commission calculation, reports, and payouts.

Our systems are designed to calculate your unique compensation plan and to pay on the schedule you require.  You have the ability to make adjustments, exemptions and audit.

Open API’s

API stands for application programming interface and allow you to work with tools and systems you already love.  APIs let our software communicate with your other products and services while simplifying development – saving time and money. APIs give you flexibility, simplify administration and use while providing opportunities for innovation.

Shopify Shopping Cart

Use our integrated eCommerce solution, a branded, mobile responsive shopping experience that is easy to setup and maintain.  Allows shoppers a single click to buy and checkout. Scalable for flash-sales with order queuing.  Never miss getting an order again.

You can also use Shopify for your shopping experience.  Shoppers will still be able to select their Consultant as well as the Event to shop for.  This option can be used in place of our integrated eCommerce solution, or along side of  it.

Replicated Sites

Give your consultants the marketing power of their own personal website. Simple, automated setup with your Brand while also giving the Consultant the ability to personalize their own page.  Analyze site traffic and purchase activity through Google Analytics.

Consultant Virtual Office

Powerful, intuitive and convenient tools when your sales force needs them – 24 x 7 x 365.  Reduce the burden on your company’s customer service team while allowing your field to succeed on their terms.  From scheduling parties to making the sale, we give your sales consultants the user-friendly features they need to grow their business.

Customer Portal

Allow Customers to create a single account while allowing the flexibility of shopping with any Consultant at any time.  Customers can track their own orders, initiate returns and manage auto-ship orders all while earning Loyalty Rewards.

Corporate Back Office

Stay in control of your business. Easily access, filter and sort the data you need to make better and faster business decisions.  Modify business rules and logic as your requirements change.  Effortlessly gather the data you need to identify trends, analyze performance and model the impact of changes to your organizational structure.

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